Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Joe Openshaw, author of "Those Others" comes to Stonewall Live, Thursday, Aug 4 9PM EST

Joe Openshaw, Author of “Those Others; Navigating the Riddle of Homosexuality in 1965”, comes to Stonewall Live! Thursday August 4, 9PM EST

The year is 1965. Eighteen year old Michael, a recent high school graduate, is sent to Washington DC from rural Tennessee to find direction for his life.
He finds direction, but as he tells the Senator, “I have been pulled in a direction that I knew nothing about, and it is not where I want to go. I can’t.”

Between January 31 and February 4, 1965 a series of articles regarding homosexuality was published in The Washington Post. The articles dealt with homosexuality from many aspects, including the social, medical, psychiatric, employment, legal and religious aspects. Most likely this was the first publication in the mainstream media that presented homosexuality in what at the time could be a fair and balanced way.
Michael is forced to deal with issues regarding his sexuality, and he uses the information in the newspaper articles to further his understanding. But the misinformation of the times also leads to confusion.

Those Others is part novel and part history. It’s a window into mid-century LGBT life. The book by Joe Openshaw follows Michael, a young, all-American male from Tennessee, who is unable to get a college athletic scholarship or join the military due to his asthma. He goes to work for a family friend, now a Senator himself closeted who introduces Michael to the articles.

Join me on Thursday, August 4 9PM as Dr. Joe Openshaw comes to Stonewall Live! for an interesting interview you won’t want to miss.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jason Stuart, actor, comedian and author comes to Stonewall Live!, July 28 9PM EST

Join me this Thursday, July 28, 9PM EST at as I welcome Jason Stuart for what will be a memorable and hilarious show.

Star of the iconic movie, "10 Attitudes" and now the DVD, "Making to the Middle" Jason Stuart is one of our treasures and you won't want to miss this great internet radio broadcast.

To see him in action click here

Join me Thurs, July 28th, 9PM EST

Jason Stuart, a gay comedian with appearances on popular shows such as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Closer, and an upcoming cameo on HBO’s Entourage, talks with The Advocate about the role sexuality plays in comedy, how his youth as a bullied LGBT teen ultimately helped his career, and why he wants to raise children with Ricky Martin. Stuart is currently the national co-chair of the LGBT Committee for the Screen Actors’ Guild and can be seen in the upcoming thriller Home Invasion.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Alex Sanchez, acclaimed author of Young Adult LGBT books comes to Stonewall Live! Thurs, June 16, 9PM EST

Alex Sanchez has blazed a trail in YA fiction with honest, fresh and matter-of-fact portrayals of American gay teenagers. His d├ębut novel Rainbow Boys (2003) was selected as a "Best Book for Young Adults" by the American Library Association. His subsequent novels have been bestowed with the Myers Outstanding Book Award (Getting It, 2006) and the Florida Book Award Gold Medal (Bait, 2009).

While attitudes toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people remain a polarizing force in the adult world—California's Prop 8 and the Pentagon review of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' for example, young people increasingly accept teenagers declaring themselves gay, starting Gay/Straight Alliance clubs and attending prom with same-sex dates as benign, inspirational or even commonplace events. Accordingly, YA has changed, broadened to include an LGBT fiction niche, and seen a squall of critically-acclaimed publications such as Peter Cameron's Some Day This Pain Will Be Useful To You (2007), Brent Hartinger's Geography Club (2003) and Leanne Lieberman's Gravity (2008).

With seven books published in as many years, Sanchez stands out as a singularly steady YA voice, and his books have become a sort of anthology of the contemporary gay teen experience. Coming out, with all its internal and external challenges, is his standby theme, but his stories reach beyond into many topics – dating, divorce, AIDS scares, which have resonated for young readers, gay and non-gay, for nearly a decade. For older readers, there's the added draw of the subversive. Imagine Judy Blume with all the main characters gay and a sprinkling of non-gay characters on the periphery.

Join me Thursday, June 16 9PM EST

Monday, June 6, 2011

April Claxton Comes to Stonewall Live! Thursday, June 9, 9PM EST

Stonewall Live! Welcomes April Claxton, Thursday, June 9 9PM EST

April Claxton is the author of 3 books, The Movement Within: 8 Steps To Ignite The Movement Within You, The Power of Self Love: A Mini Book and the highly praised children's book Goodnight Just The Same, as well as many inspirational messages available on “The Movement Within Face Book Page” Through writing, one of her biggest passions, April encourages, inspires and motivates adults and children to discover their value and necessity of Self. She enjoys speaking to adults but her heart truly opens with her younger audiences. As a victim of childhood emotional and physical abuse, Claxton strongly believes in and promotes the power and necessity of positivity within a child’s life.

“Goodnight Just The Same,” is a book whose time had come to be written. There are families across the globe that no longer fit the “normal” stereotype of what a family is. This book teaches us that every family structure is “normal.” We have step-mommies and step-daddies. We have no mommies and no daddies. We also have two mommies and two daddies. Some of us only have one mommy, daddy or grandparent to raise us. No matter what the structure of your family is, it is important to note that a family is a family as long as it comes from love. It is about the feelings we feel when we go to sleep so that we have better feelings when we awake. To the moon every family is tucked in Just The Same. What people are saying: “It will help any child of any age go to bed and wake up feeling like they’re loved.”

Monday, May 30, 2011

Denny Hamann, author of "Purple Grass" comes to Stonewall Live! Thursday, June 2, 9PM EST

Denny Hamann, author, playwright and composer comes to Stonewall Live! Thursday, June 2, 9PM EST

The multi talented Denny Hamann, author of recently published “Purple Grass” will be my guest on Thursday, June 2, 9PM EST.

It is a lot harder being different than it is being like everyone else and I am sure most gay men have gone through a period of feeling that being different meant that we don’t belong. We were like lost sheep eating in a pasture with other who were all the same.
“In Purple Grass, we have a little lamb and in his flock everyone eats green grass. No one is to like, must less eat, purple grass. In fact, it was considered a sin to like purple grass. Our little lamb is an outcast and when he gets lost, he finds himself in darkness. Hamann shows we are all like that little lamb. However the lamb and gay men share something—they both know who they are and even though neither of us is accepted, we find a way to come to terms. We must both agree, though, that being different is very hard. We have to fight for what should be ours and have a hard time understanding why it is not.” –Amos Lassen

Dr. Hamann, also a veterinarian, is also the composer of several musicals that have been performed around the country. We’ll talk to him about “Dream Catcher”, the story of an 8-year-old boy living with HIV who is told he has no future. We’ll hear about his new projects as well as how he lives and works in this incredibly productive environment.

For more information on Denny Hamann please go to Thurs, June 2, 9PM EST

Friday, May 20, 2011

DJ Frank Wild comes to Stonewall Live! Thurs, May 26th 9PM EST

DJ Frank Wild comes to Stonewall Live! Thurs, May 26 9PM EST

It seems these days, any guy or girl with a headset, mixer and an iPod can call him- or herself a DJ.

But there is more to being a star DJ than just hitting the play button on a stereo. You need to be a master in track selection, own technical skills, spark creativity, be consistent, and most important: You have to be able to pack a dance floor. Frank Wild has picked them, blasted them, packed them and had fun all the way.

Born in New York City, international DJ Frank Wild now splits his time between his home-bases of San Francisco and Berlin.

Frank's music creates an ambiance combining uplifting energy with a dark and nasty side; he's known for creating a total experience that keeps both your brain and your body moving. Club-goers in San Francisco have singled out Frank by voting him one of their city's top DJs. One of his devotees says: "Frank Wild ..... nothing but great energy pumps out of the speakers coercing me to stay on the dancefloor." For more information about Frank, please go to

DJ’s like Frank have become the leaders of our anthems, our voices and our energy. Come join me on Thursday, May 26th at 9PM EST as I welcome DJ Frank Wild to Stonewall Live!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Filmmaker Nils Taranger Comes to Stonewall Live! Thurs, May 12, 9PM EST

Nils Taranger holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film Production from the University of Central Florida, and is currently pursuing his MFA at UCF in the same field. He has written, directed, and/or produced several short films at UCF, including Broken Records, which played at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2010, and Castle Otttis, a personal coming-out documentary that played internationally.

In German Romanticism, the blue flower represents the quest for the impossible, since blue flowers are not supposed to exist.
A BLUE FLOWER is a documentary film following the lives of two individuals who are on a quest to cure their disease - one following conventional medicine, the other using alternative treatments. The film will be observational in nature, and will seek to compare and contrast the two journeys through interwoven storylines.
This is not a film about science versus quackery, or faith versus reason. This is the story of two journeys towards one hope: that a blue flower exists.

Please join me Thursday, May 12th 9PM EST as I welcome Nils Taranger to Stonewall Live! Call in with your comments of questions at 805-830-8355